Verte Homesteader is thrilled to partner with three outstanding Edmonton-based builders who share our vision for invigorating urban living. This hand-selected group of builders have designed exciting, innovative homes, many of which are unique to Verte.  

Visit our builders online or in their showhomes for more information. 

Caliber Master Builder

Founded in 2001, Caliber Master Builder has built a presence in numerous communities throughout Edmonton with a distinct focus on quality versus quantity. Recognizing that home construction is much like a partnership between builder and client, a personalized experience and attention to detail characterize every Caliber home. Caliber looks forward to bringing this unique perspective to Verte Homesteader. 


Encore Master Builder

Encore Master Builder believes that homes should enhance the streetscape and enrich the lives of the people who reside within them. Putting this philosophy into practice has brought Encore Master Builder many awards, honours and, most importantly, satisfied customer for over 30 years. They have proudly buolt more than 1,000 in Edmonton and are excited to bring their dedication to quality and experience to Verte Homesteader.