Welcome to the community of Homesteader Hermitage!

A true infill story.

Still considered new to the Edmonton market, infill development has long been the standard in first-class cities around the world in Europe, the U.S. and in cities closer to home, such as Calgary and Toronto. Infill development focuses on enhancing existing communities to leverage their best features and amenities while refreshing homes, structures and infrastructure to support future growth. As a true infill development, Verte offers an amazing opportunity to live in a brand new home set against the backdrop of a well-rooted community.

The best of both worlds.

Backed by a vision to invigorate inner-city development and challenge the way we live in Edmonton, Verte truly offers the best of both worlds.

The advantages of settling in the established community of Homesteader Hermitage are numerous - multiple surrounding schools and recreational facilities within walking distance, mature tree-lined streets, ravine access, public transportation, and perfect amenities await.

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